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Everything You Need to Know About Yacht Repair and Maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Yacht Repair and Maintenance

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When you buy a yacht, it is an asset you own and just like any asset, it must be maintained and protected so that its value can be preserved. The maintenance of your vessel is not just important for its value, it is also important to ensure that it can be reliably operated and everybody onboard is on a safe vessel.

As an owner of a yacht, you should have a good idea about yacht maintenance. When purchasing a yacht, ask the yacht salesman all about its maintenance and servicing schedules. Go through the manufacturer manual as it contains a wealth of information regarding the vessel’s maintenance. Your yacht cleaning and maintenance routine go hand in hand, so ensure to fit them both into your schedule. If you are unsure about anything related to yacht and boating maintenance, seek guidance from experts. If you are looking for a professional service provider for your yacht repair and maintenance, the experts at Jabin Bert Yacht Yard can come to your rescue.

It is important to stick to manufacturer-recommended service and maintenance for the best upkeep of your vessel. Here are some of the pointers about yacht repair and maintenance you should keep in mind.

Engine Motor, Drivetrain, and Generator: A full-service maintenance must be carried out once a year. The engine, transmission, generator, and all other necessary motor parts of the yacht must be inspected properly.

Cleaning: To ensure proper functioning and prevent the build-up of algae and barnacles. All the surfaces in the boat must be wiped clean after every sailing trip. The hull must be cleaned every two weeks.

Air Conditioning: You’ll need to have your air conditioner serviced to keep it running on those hot summer days. Flushing out the lines of the air conditioning once every six months. It will help prevent the accumulation of debris and ensure the AC functions properly.

Electrical Systems: Test out the electrical components – the lights and switches – of the yacht from time to time. The battery must be tested regularly to ensure it’s working at full capacity and free of corrosion.

Fuel: Saltwater from the sea and the ocean can wreak damage to parts of your yacht. So special care must be taken about it. To keep the fuel system corrosion free, drain the tank and replace the fuel filters every couple of months. 

Hire the Experts at Jabin Bert Yacht Yard for Your Yacht Maintenance and Repair

You can’t deal with the technical details of yacht maintenance. So, it is most sensible to hire the services of experts. The professionals are Jabin Bert Yacht Yard specializes in this area and are the best for this work in the Chesapeake Bay region. From bottom painting and engine repair to complete refitting and fabrication, our onsite service companies can do it all. Call them today for any queries.

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