Ask Us About Our Winter Storage!

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Our Boatel is one of the only dry stacks in the Annapolis area with a capacity of nearly 200 boats. Boats are stored in the racks and launched with a 30 Minute lead time using the scheduling program SpeedyDock. The Boatel can handle powerboats up to 35′ and sailboats of up to 28’ with storage offered on a monthly or  annual basis. Boats can be launched and hauled 7 days a week from April 1 – November 15, except Easter Sunday.

Boatel FAQ

  1. Customers schedule their vessels launch via the App/Website SpeedyDock.
  2. Launch requests must be in by 4:00pm. 
  3. Boats have 1 in and 1 out per day.
  4. Customers must be at their boat within an hour of their requested launch time to make room for other boats or their vessel will be hauled and that service will be counted towards their one in and out per day.
  5. Lines and fenders must be out and visible for BJYY staff to handle your boat.
  6. There are work racks available for service work and owners/contractors must be present to have boat brought down to a rack. 
  7. All antennas/lights/biminis must be removed by owner prior to haul. Anything left up and damaged will not be the responsibility of BJYY.
  8. Engines are to be left trimmed down and in the straight-ahead position.
  9. Trim tabs must be left in the “UP” position. Trim tabs left down and damaged will not be the responsibility of BJYY.
  10. Sailboat rudders must be tied to the Center position when done.
  11. Boats left in the water for an extended time will need a power wash at the owner’s expense to return to the boatel.
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For more information about our Boatel services, please contact our office.