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Enrolling as an Authorized Contractor in Bert Jabin Yacht Yard 

Any contractor wishing to work in Bert Jabin Yacht Yard must meet certain insurance requirements and complete the required forms.  

Please follow the instructions below, and submit all paperwork prior to starting any work in the  yard.

1. Download, read and sign “Commercial Contractor Agreement.”

2. Download, read and initial “Marine Contractor Rules & Regulations.”

3. Read the Environmental Awareness “Contract.”

4. Have your insurance agent(s) send us a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with proof of  coverage for the required insurance:  

5. Download, read and sign “Workers Compensation Requirement Waiver,” IF applicable.

6. Email the signed Agreement, Rules and Waiver to, or drop off in office.

7. Call the office to confirm receipt and proper coverage: 410-268-9667

Before starting a job, you must check in at the Marina Office and get a Yard Pass for each boat  you are working on. The Pass authorizes you to be in Jabin’s and must be displayed in the  windshield of your vehicle at all times. Multi-day passes are provided. 

Please call the office if you have any questions regarding these instructions or our insurance  requirements: 410-268-9667