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What you Need to Know About Yacht Docking?

What you Need to Know About Yacht Docking?

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Sailing a yacht is all fun but docking it can be an intimidating and stressful experience. The stress is elevated all the more if you have to dock it in a busy marina with space constraints. As with anything else, practice can make you more adept in maneuvering and docking the vessel, but you also need to be very careful about not meeting with any undesirable consequences during your practice runs.

Here are some yacht docking tips that will keep you in good stead as you become more confident in docking your vessel.

Go Slow

Speed is crucial as your approach the dock; always keep the speed limit in check. A slow speed allows you the time to make a correction and change your approach. Even if you bump into the dock, the damage will be considerably less if you go slow. Use deliberate actions with the throttle and bring it down. Although it may seem tempting, avoid bursts of high power to propel your yacht forward to the dock; it will make things difficult if you lose control.


If even you feel like you are breaking into a sweat, relax. Panicking doesn’t make anything easier; it can only worsen things. Remain calm and communicate clearly with your crew and captain about the things you will do to dock the vessel.

Prepare your Fenders and Lines

While you approach the dock, get your fenders and line ready. The fenders should be hanging right above the waterline. You should at least have two-three fenders, a bow line, a spring line, and a stern line ready.

Have a Plan

To dock properly, you should be aware of your surroundings. Stick to a methodical approach, and you would be able to dock properly even in the tightest of situations. Take the wind and tide direction into account and be aware of other vessels’ proximity to maneuver your vessel properly.

Take It Easy

If you are not happy with your docking approach, reassess and try again. As you practice and spend time with your vessel, docking will come easy to you. As you master the docking process, you should also spend some time becoming familiar with the steps needed to tie your boat to the dock. Have a good supply of docking lines – used as bow lines and stern lines.

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