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Winter Boat Storage: What You Need to Know

Winter Boat Storage

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Winter boat storage is a way to protect your boat during the colder months of the year when it is not being used as frequently or at all. It involves preparing the boat for storage properly and keeping it safe and secure.

Here are some things to consider when storing your boat for the winter:

Clean and Dry the boat

Before putting the boat into storage, thoroughly clean and dry it; this will help prevent the propagation of mold and mildew, and protect the boat’s surfaces from staining and deterioration.

Protect the Hull

You can use a hull cover or shrink wrap to protect the hull from damage. A hull cover is a fabric cover that fits over the boat, while shrink wrap is a plastic film that is tightened over the boat using heat. Both options provide a barrier to the elements and help prevent water from accumulating in the boat.

Winterize the Engine

To prevent damage to the boat’s engine during storage, it is essential to winterize it. It involves flushing the cooling system, adding antifreeze, and replacing the engine’s oil and oil filter.

To winterize the engine, one must take the following steps –

Flush the cooling system: Add a cleaning solution to the water and run the engine until it reaches operating temperature; it will help remove any debris and waste that may have accumulated in the system.

Add antifreeze: Mix the appropriate type and amount of antifreeze with water and add it to the engine’s cooling system. It will help protect the engine from freezing during storage.

Replace the oil and oil filter: Change the engine’s oil and oil filter to help remove any contaminants that may have accumulated during the season.

Remove the battery: Take out the boat’s battery and store it in a warm, dry location to prevent it from freezing and prolonging its life.

Store the boat in a covered location: Choose a covered storage location, such as a garage or storage shed. It will protect the boat from harsh weather elements and prevent it from getting damaged by snow, ice, and wind.

Secure the boat: Ensure it is secured to a trailer or other stable surface to prevent it from shifting or falling over during storage. Use straps or tie-downs to keep the boat in place.

Check on the boat regularly: Even if the boat is in storage, it is a good idea to check on it regularly to ensure it is secure and in good condition. It will allow you to address any issues that may arise before they become significant problems.

Proper winter boat storage is crucial. When searching for winter boat storage in Annapolis, check out Bert Jabin Yacht Yard in Annapolis. It is an award-winning full-service yacht yard and one of the most extensive Certified Clean Marina Facilities in the middle bay region of the Chesapeake Bay. With 200 wet slips, boatlift slips, and boatel dry storage alongside 25 acres of land storage, they have all your winter boat storage needs covered.

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